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Join us for the 2nd iteration of our exciting event where we unveil groundbreaking research on the Black Gen-Z community. This in-person gathering will take place on Tue Oct 03 2023 at 10:30 AM in the city of London, at The Trampery, 239 Old Street, EC1V 9EY.


Only 35% of Black Gen Z feel comfortable wearing their natural hair to job interviews.

22% of Black Gen Z have changed their name in a job application, to improve their chances of success.

Only 29% of Black Gen Z are satisfied with securing a promotion.

These were just a few of the findings we uncovered in 2022. There is clearly a sizeable gap between Black talent and employers. At TapIn we are passionate about bridging this gap, which is why we launched the This is Black Gen Z Research Project.

On 3rd October, discover the latest insights and trends that shape the lives of Black Gen-Z individuals. Through the key findings, we will delve into topics such as culture, identity, and social change in the context of Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Attraction. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, strategise for change with key players in this space, and gain a deeper understanding of the experiences unique to this generation.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of the conversation. Reserve your spot now and be prepared to reimagine the future of work together with us.

It is only through conversation that we can create change, so join us to continue this incredibly important conversation.

This year, we are also partnered with The UK Black Business Show, so by attending you will also bag yourself a ticket for the Main Show on Saturday 7th October!



10:30 am - 11:00 am 

Registration, Breakfast & Welcome

11:00 am - 11:10 am

#ThisIsBlackGenZ: The What, Why and How


11:10 am - 11:30 am

Lennina Ofori Keynote: How Did We Get Here 


11:35 am - 12:15 pm 

The Starting Line: What Matters to Black Gen Z?

12:15 pm - 12:30 pm


12:30 - 13:10 pm

Breaking Barriers: Who Gets a Seat at the Table?

Presentation of Recruitment Findings + Collaboration Station

13:10 pm - 13:55 pm 

Building Bridges & Taking Strides so Black Gen Z can Thrive

IHG, UBS, Newton Europe, RS Grassroots

A conversation with our Employer Partners, exploring their journeys with attracting, engaging and recruiting Black talent.


13:55 pm - 14:55 pm 


14:55pm - 15:10 pm 

Keynote: Shades of Brilliance


15.10 pm - 16:25 pm 

Enabling Futures: Cultivating Belonging and Retention for Black Gen-Z

A conversation with 5 Black Gen Z on their experiences of navigating the world of work, and recommendations for employers.

16:25 pm - 18:30 pm 

Closing Reflections & Networking Drinks

An opportunity to reflect on the day, build your network and grow your community.



We’re a creative social agency that reshapes how employers understand and engage diverse talent. Pioneering a future of work driven by fairness, belonging and opportunity. We’re authentic .We’re innovative. We’re inclusive. We’re TapIn. 

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